Apprentice Ambassador

We sat down with Joshua Clorley to find out why he chose to do an apprenticeship with In-Comm Training. 

What apprenticeship programme are you on?

I’m currently studying Business Administration Level 2 at In-Comm Training, whilst working for Rotometrics in Aldridge.

Why did you choose an apprenticeship with In-Comm?

Put simply, because of the world-class training facilities I get to study at. The staff at the training academy also have an abundance of industry experience and are motivated to help you succeed. 

In-Comm provides high-quality teaching in an environment that is designed to future-proof your skills for years to come . The variety of courses act as an ideal starting point to help you progress into further training or kickstart your career.

How has In-Comm supported you during your time on the programme? 

Personally, I like the way trainers and assessors interact with their students, treating them as adults and shaping lessons around performance. I feel that my tutor wants the best for me and goes above and beyond to provide me with help and assistance so I can achieve the best results possible.

In-Comm is excellent at helping you make the transition from student to worker. It provides the skills needed to exceed in future careers within your chosen subject.