Focus on Malcolm Edge – Staff Profile

Malcolm Has been with In-Comm since the early days of the business and has witnessed many changes in the training arena with nigh on 30 years of service. From begining as an instructor, through to an assessor, a field assessor, delivering and designing Health & Safety/Engineering Programmes arriving to where he is today as Operations Manager.

His expertise in quality control, delivery, robust accreditation processes and customer relationship management, in terms of course content is absolutelt unrivalled. Malcolm’s specialisms are welding & fabrication having started his career as an apprentice bioler maker and you’d have to travel a long way to find a more passionate advocate for Engineering. At In-Comm his role is broken down in to three key areas:

Firstly he manages the programmes and apprentices, this includes future planning up to two years ahead and where apprpriate modifying and changing programmes to suit the need of the customer.

He is also qualifications centre co-ordinator working with all of In-Comms awarding bodies. He leads on internal quality assurance, varifying that the work and evidence of the learners at In-Comm is being rigorously but fairly assessed against the awarding body standards.

Malcom says: “I had to work really hard to get my apprenticeship and I will not let standards drop. Simply giving away qualifications devalues all of the hard work that my peers and young people today put in to gain their awards.”

He add: “In-Comm is not a sausage machine that processes awards for the sake of it, we have very high standards and robust processes to ensure that learners can confidently go back into the workplace. It’s the reason why employers us again and again.”

“In fact some of the Managing Directors of Engineering & Manufacturing businesses that send their apprentices to us, were in fact trained here 20, 25 or 30 years ago and it’s our quality and customer focus that has kept those relationships strong.”

Malcolm concludes: “I’ve stayed with In-Comm for almost 30 years because of their ethics and morals. The learner is always at the top of our priorities be it an apprentice or a commercial arrangement, next in the hierachy is the employer and catering for their needs. In-Comm are at the base of the pyramid providing foundation and expertise for others to succeed.”