How to Keep Health and Safety Training Up-to-Date and Relevant

Employees discussing health and safety wearing safety equipment

Maintaining health and safety training is vital for businesses to ensure employee well-being and compliance with regulatory standards such as ISO 45001. With a significant number of workplace injuries reported annually, timely and comprehensive training can significantly reduce accidents and boost productivity. This blog guides you through the optimal frequency for refreshing training and the role of managed services in ensuring continuous compliance and improvement. 

Why is up-to-date health and safety training important?

Ensuring employee health and safety training is fully up-to-date is crucial for several reasons. Not only is it an important element of ensuring your organisation meets legal requirements and maintains compliance with regulatory standards such as ISO 45001, but it also shows that you prioritise the well-being of employees. 

Up-to-date health and safety training is a vital part of protecting employee welfare. With a projected 561,000 workers having sustained a non-fatal injury at work in 2022/23, up-to-date training could help to reduce the risk of workplace accidents by enhancing worker knowledge of potential hazards in the workplace. This not only enhances employee morale and productivity but also protects the corporate reputation from potential harm or damage. You can read more about the benefits of health and safety training in the workplace in our blog.

How often should health and safety training be refreshed?

It’s a question many business owners ask us, but sadly there is no definitive answer. Almost all health and safety legislation leaves decisions around training refreshments up to the employer. However, depending on the nature of the business, training should be updated annually. Factors that may indicate a need to update training could be: 

– An increase in workplace accidents or injuries which could be prevented. 

– If there have been workplace changes such as technology or changed team structures. 

– A need to keep up-to-date with or meet expectations set out in legislation and occupational standards. 

Ensuring you’re health and safety compliant

Ensuring businesses are health, safety and quality compliant with current government regulations is more essential than ever. At In-Comm, we offer tailored managed services to help businesses enhance their health and safety and quality compliance through:

Gap Analysis

Through Gap Analysis, we collaborate with your teams to identify key areas for improvement in your health and safety practices, pinpointing any gaps in your current compliance. Through this, we can make recommendations to help you achieve and maintain accreditation of ISO standards. 

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Standards installation and maintenance 

We will work with your team and business to provide comprehensive support and guidance, which is tailored specifically to your business and team’s requirements. This includes areas such as continuous improvement, and bespoke workforce consultancy and training packages. This enables you to not only achieve accreditation for the standards you are aiming for but also ensures standards maintenance, where we offer periodic support to help you maintain your current systems and accreditations.


Audit support 

Conducting regular health and safety audits is essential for continuously identifying areas for improvement, enhancing safety, and ensuring business and legal compliance. Through our managed services, we provide comprehensive audit support for internal and external purposes, ensuring your business can maintain and improve it’s systems to achieve positive outcomes. 

Discover Managed Services with In-Comm 

Our experienced health, safety and environmental advisers can support your business through maintaining health and safety compliance. Offering clear, pragmatic and effective support which is tailored to your unique business requirements. Find out more about Managed Services.


Unlock skills growth with our Open Courses

Whether you’re seeking to empower your team through upskilling or are searching for a reliable training partner to manage your specific needs, our extensive range of open courses is an excellent starting point. We offer over 500 bite-sized courses designed to equip your staff with the technical knowledge and insights essential for thriving in today’s manufacturing landscape.

Our curriculum spans various critical areas, including safety compliance (such as managing safety in the workplace, emergency first aid and mental health awareness at work), technical development, and quality control. These courses are crafted to ensure your team gains the necessary expertise and understanding to excel in a modern manufacturing environment.

Our Safety Compliance Courses include:

– IOSH Managing Safety

– NEBOSH General Certificate in Health & Safety

– Abrasive Wheels (PUWER)

– First Aid / Mental Health First Aid

– Fire Marshall / Manual Handling / PAT Testing

– Fork Lift Truck

– Power Press (PUWER)

Find out more about our Open Courses.

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