Toolmaking/Toolmaker Professional Course

Toolmaking/Toolmaker Professional Course

This twenty-week course is to provide greater understanding of the tool making process by working alongside qualified and experienced trades personal and undertaking first-hand, the techniques and principles employed in producing precision engineered tooling.

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Participants will:

  • Acquire Basic CAD techniques.
  • Contribute to the manufacture of Press Tool components
  • Demonstrate their ability to use fitting skills to assemble a tool using best practices.
  • Identify potential problems with a Press Tool and contribute to root cause analysis and rectification.
  • Identify types of Power Presses and associated considerations.
  • An insight into Manufacturing processes and costing.
  • Tooling Terminology.
  • Basic CAD techniques to drawing standards.
  • Consideration of how to maximize strip layout.
  • Identification of components on a Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Machining undertaken in the generation of Press Tool components
  • Press Tool Assembly
  • Testing and trialing a Press Tool.

This programme consists of presentations and theory sessions that require participation to give understanding.  Involvement in practical sessions is also required in order to make application. Each outcome will require the learner to complete a brief written assessment.