Basic Robot Operation

Basic Robot Operation

Industrial robots are used in many different aspects in industry, they are often seen in automated factory cells and are becoming increasingly popular as industry 4.0 comes into play and more and more facilities are using robots to carry out tasks that would have previously been done by a human. Most users of robots need to know at least some basic skills to help them navigate the software and restart automated production cells.

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This four-day course is focused on those who have little to no understanding of industrial robots. The course aims to provide delegates with the skills to operate robots at a basic level as well as providing them with the skills to feel comfortable when using them.


Participants will benefit from:

  • Feeling more capable and confident in using industrial robots.
  • Show a better understanding of how robots work.
  • They will be better at looking after automated cells.
  • Being aware of issues that industrial robots can have and help improve the usage in their workplace.
  • Covering the health and safety that is needed when using industrial robots and automated cells.
  • Setting up robots on a range of jigs and fixtures to help create accurate programs.
  • Programming methods used in industry and how to create programs on the robots.
  • Safe operation and testing of the robot program and how to return to a program safely after an equipment or system failure.
  • Basic fault-finding techniques and simple things to help look after robots.

This program mixes theory and practical activities, allowing users to gain some knowledge and understanding of robots as well as getting some hands-on experience of programming and using robots.