Brake Press Programme – Theory and Practical

Brake Press Programme – Theory and Practical

Numerous products are made by fabricating sheet metal parts with a series of bends.  The press brake is the most common machine tool used to bend sheet metal.  Press brakes applying significant force via mechanical and/or hydraulic components that shape the sheet metal between a matching punch and die that close together.  Most press brake operations are done manually, which requires proper skills and safety considerations.

This half day theory and practical course for anyone involved with Brake Presses address the basic principles necessary for safe operation.

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To provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding required within the process of Brake Presses


Participants will:

  • Have and understanding of legal requirements placed on their organisation
  • Appreciate their legal responsibilities when involved with Break Presses
  • Apply procedure in accordance with good practice
  • Reduce incidents involved with Brake Presses
  • Punch Press
  • Mechanical Brake Press
  • Hydraulic Brake Press
  • Tour of Department/Equipment
  • Methods of Guarding
  • Inspection of Guarding Systems
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Practical Inspection of Guards

This programme uses a mixture of individual practical sessions involving group discussions, pro-forma examples, information, and input sessions to fully involve participants