MS Excel Advanced

MS Excel Advanced

Computers, IT and the internet are at the very centre of modern day life.  In our society it is almost impossible to get by without having a basic understanding of IT.  This course is designed for personnel who need to perform advanced data manipulation and analysis using Microsoft Excel.

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The aim of this practical one day course is to provide a practical knowledge of how to use spreadsheets to analyse data quickly and efficiently.


Participants will:

  • Use and understand VLoopup and HLookup
  • Understand the use of nested functions
  • Work with data
  • Analyse data
  • Indexing and matching data
  • Control boxes for adding selection boxes
  • Advanced conditional formatting based on formulae
  • Using named ranges and tables
  • Auditing formulae
  • Setting up data connections to external sources
  • Grouping data
  • Consolidating data
  • Using slicers
  • Basic macro recording
  • Protecting cells
  • Creating template workbooks

This programme uses a mixture of group discussions, pro-forma examples, information input sessions along with practical application to fully involve participants.