In-Comm GTA Breakfast Seminar

24th October 2013

7 Golden rules that will win you the order

How to write tenders, proposals and bids that put you out in front of the field

 How to write bids that truly differentiate your business is not widely understood.  The common view is; you need to describe your product or service, your systems and processes, your business and then add photos and to give “impact.”    But your competitors will do the same!  This workshop will give you the skills, strategies and tools to:

  • Target the key decision-makers   You’ll learn how identify the different groups involved in the decision and how to get the key ones wanting you.
  • Submit customer specific tenders   You‘ll stop using generic ‘cut-and-paste’ answers, replacing them with fresh, lively responses which leave the customer saying, “These people really understand what matters to us.”
  • Write better, quicker and smarter   Improve the effectiveness of your bid writing and the efficiency of your writers using four simple bid management tools.
  • Give your tenders the ‘wow’ factor   It is critical that the customer gets a good first impression, so you will learn to use headlines, page layouts and captions to quickly communicate your key selling messages.

About the speaker

Clive Goulden: a stimulating and motivational authority on tenders, proposals and bids

Combining his practical experience with bang-up-to-date research, Clive’s seminars and Master Classes are stimulating and motivational.  His wide experience and entertaining style allow him to effectively challenge pre-conceptions and beliefs.  He will change your thinking and you will never write standard generic cut and paste submissions again.

Clive is a qualified mechanical engineer who has always enjoyed the interface of engineering and sales, developing technical solutions and then writing the proposal to convince the client. Initially working in petro-chemicals and process plant, he has been writing bids and pre-quals for much of his career.

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