Maintain your mental wellbeing throughout the global pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has not only threatened the physical health of millions but also begun to affect people’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Many people will be experiencing working from home for the first time; home schooling; maintaining social distancing and struggling to stay productive throughout the day. Feelings of anxiety, helplessness and grief are impacting many people across the globe as we are faced with an uncertain future.

The feelings of stress and anxiety are a completely normal response to these unprecedented circumstances, however it’s important we try to encourage positive thinking and self-motivation. Taking part in regular activities to stimulate your mind can help you stay productive throughout the day, this could be taking part in a fitness class, learning a new skill or reading a book.

Actions for Happiness have developed a list of mental wellbeing top tips to help you sustain a healthy and happy mind throughout these difficult times.


In-Comm Training recognises the impact Covid-19 is having on mental health and we will be enhancing our pastoral case, releasing information sheets and activity videos to support our learners.