The Parliamentary Review: In-Comm Training & Business Services

Across the country, industries of all types face one common question: how to address the current skills
gap. For In-Comm Training’s Managing Director, Bekki Phillips, the only solution is an employer-led approach, one designed to bring companies and training providers together to tackle the issue. Bekki explains that she and her team have tried to bring this spirit of collaboration into their own work and that all of the courses they offer have been developed in partnership with employers. She tells The Parliamentary Review that she and her team have embraced emerging technologies and explains the need for collective responsibility.
Sometimes I feel like I’m in the excellent 1990s film Groundhog Day when asked to debate industry and the skills gap. It has been one of the most heated discussions for manufacturers for more than a decade, yet thousands of conversations and promises have yet to come up with a consistent solution that delivers what we all want. So, what do we all want? If you ask management teams at the coalface, they’ll say a
workforce that has the skills to help them grow and be competitive and training courses and apprenticeships that ensure staff deliver a tangible benefit to the bottom line. Training providers, on the whole, will agree with this, but they’d also echo the need for government to provide more support for businesses to take training seriously. An interesting melting pot of wants and desires. Stripping away all the agendas, I see the million-pound answer quite simply as an employer-led approach.
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