The £100,000 route to a Degree

Getting a degree no longer means being saddled with huge debts and then facing the difficult task of trying to fight for a limited number of jobs in a sector you really want to work in.


There is a new approach if you want to look past the typical route of going to University and, better still, it could be worth up to £100,000.

This is not a scam or a marketing ploy to get you interested. It is simply a case of considering going down the degree route by taking an apprenticeship with In-Comm Training.

A degree by apprenticeship?

Yes, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. We’ve got tens of students at In-Comm Training currently on the pathway to securing a degree, whilst getting lots of years of experience of on-the-job training and a guaranteed position at the end of it.

You start out by completing a trailblazer apprenticeship that will cover Level 2 and Level 3 in general engineering. This takes around three years, but, once complete, means you can move on to your Level 4 (HNC), which is delivered at one of our technical academies and usually takes between 12 to 24 months to finish.

From here, you then start your specialist degree having had a good period of time to decide what area you really want to focus on and where your skills are best aligned to.

“Going to University or doing an apprenticeship both lead to the same end result. The big difference is doing it the ‘vocational route’, you will be £100,000 better off – the average combined figure for the salary you are getting paid whilst learning, with the amount of debt you save,” explained Jayne Guest, Apprenticeship Recruitment at In-Comm Training.”

“You also have a job from the start and will benefit from so much technical training, practical experience and working on the latest technology that you are industry-ready when you leave.”

In-Comm Training, which is Ofsted ‘Outstanding’, delivers over 40 trailblazer apprentices at its three technical academies in Aldridge, Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury.

It currently offers Level 4 Apprenticeships in Engineering Manufacturing Technician, Process Leader and Improvement Practitioners, with more courses due to be added shortly.